“Normal” is the new black

Normal….what is normal?

Hello I am “Normal”.also known as Liz.it is currently 12:12 am (central time…and I just realized I am an insomniac). WELCOME TO MY BLOG. I started this blog because it is 2015 and starting a blog is one of my goals this year! and I wanted to give you Bleaders (blog readers…corny..okay ill stop) a little insight into a normal girl..eh woman’s… life.

I turned twenty-eight last year and I have realized a lot. As a kid I believed that grown ups had life figured out..boy was I wrong! so since I am a grown-up (so they tell me) and realized that I have nothing in life completely figured out and its okay, I am living day by day and making it my purpose to enjoy every moment of my life! every mistake, every triumph, every breath.

So Normal your ask? yeah yeah I know “NORMAL ” doesn’t really exist( please see quotation marks
around the word NORMAL)but I consider myself normal in the way that I am not Famous, or someone with some special talent …like a fashion blogger, a Make-up blogger, or some cool fast cup stacker lol.I am just a “normal” girl from Texas.. I struggle to do my make up…and do my best to find an outfit that does not include sweats and a t-shirt (even though I love my comfy sweats!!)

I am so excited to start this blogging journey! I hope you guys enjoy this girls post! so now it is 12:57 am ( yeah I took a while to write this..don’t judge me lol) and like every other person I have to work tomorrow!

Good night



2 thoughts on ““Normal” is the new black

  1. Thanks @lilypup….I was reading your blog…it’s great!! I have a sister who is bipolar…and sometimes it’s hard to understand from the outside…but your blog def helps with some insight!! Thank you for sharing


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