The Chronicles of a Happy person…

So now that I have blogged about being a newbie and all, lets get to the good stuff….

I have not posted a REAL blog since January 5th because I have been pretty busy..with life and all. See, I am a full time Paralegal (yeah I know), a wife and mom, and a student (except I took this spring semester off because I have a lot on my plate and I needed a little break).

This past two weeks have been very exciting, I watched a whole series on
Netflix called Broadchurch, watched a couple of movies, went out twice with my family and friends ( I don’t go out I’m such a hermit), and have been practicing being more positive and let me tell you! my stress and anxiety levels are on an all time low.

So let me begin with my Netflix adventure! I am a huge Doctor Who fan, I am actually obsessed and I consider my self a WHOVIAN, so when I learned one of my favorite doctors, David Tennant, was in this show I knew it was a must watch! and I was definitely not disappointed. If you love mysteries, drama, and British accents this show is a MUST!! oh and its only eight episodes long….season two started in the UK a couple of weeks ago and I am patiently waiting for season two to come to America in March…let the countdown begin!


Next let me tell you that I am a movie buff!!! I love all kinds of some of the new movies I watched recently were American Sniper, Lucy, and Into the woods. American Sniper was a great movie based on American Hero Chris Kyle.Lucy was just wow, basically based on the Darwin evolution theory.. you guys have to watch…even if you have different believes, Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson did an awesome job.. and last but not least Into the Woods was a musical…and I love musicals so this movie was music to my ears and Meryl Streep was EPIC she made me want to dye my hair blue, she looked so stunning.


Now you know that I am a mom, so that means a lot of time spent home with my daughter, and I don’t mind at all, being home is my favorite. But, sometimes Daddy and Mommy need some Grown up time…and whats better than going out and dancing with family and friends. We went to a club to see DJ Irene, she is awesome, my husband introduced her to my life and we have gone to see her play about three times in the past 8 years! the weekend after we went out to a Hookah bar to celebrate my cousin turning 21, I haven’t danced so much in a very looooooooooooong time 🙂 lets just say we enjoyed ourselves. Here are a couple of pictures of our outings:

Me and DJ Irene

My family and me (left to right: My brother omar, me, my cousin and Birthday girl Mildred, My cousin Gina, and my best friend/cousin also named Liz)

So as you can tell I have been enjoying life to the fullest and with a positive outlook. And to top off a great weekend it ended with a Banana split and the movie FUNNY GIRL 🙂 life just can’t get any better (unless I win the lottery tomorrow! )

Hope you guys had a great weekend! signing off

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