Hey guess what day it is…guess what day it is!!

It’s allergy day!! That’s right itchy eyes and throat..and a nose that won’t stop running….oh yeah and it’s WEDNESDAY!!! And though I’m sick and all the show must go on 😊

So the time has come for yall to meet one of the most loving member of my little family.I present you Snookz..ta da!!

He is the most awesome dog ever, but our relationship wasn’t always so perfect!see my dog suffers from anxiety. He doesn’t like to be alone. When I first got him, his moms owner told me for some reason he cried a lot when they sold some of his sibling but that he would get over it. Let me tell you, he is five years old and still cries like he did when we brought him home.We currently live in an apartment and have had neighbors complain…all I can do is apologize …they have learned to live with him lol. We have tried everything to help him out, thunder jackets, all natural anxiety snacks but nothing works, so we have given up! Although age has made him a little bit less anxious…he understand that we have to work to buy him all the yummy bones he wants hahaha. I know he is not perfect but let me tell yall ( yeah I live in Texas) his unconditional love is worth it ❤️. I believe that when you decide to get a dog you have to commit no matter what…you chose them..and they will repay you with tons of love and friendship!

Do you guys have any dogs that have anxiety? Any tips? Or if you just want to share stories and pictures of you doggy pal, I would love to see them!!

Have a great Wednesday

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