February Whirlwind

Two weeks without blogging…yikes!

After Superbowl Sunday my life got busy…really busy, But I am back 🙂

First of all i want to start where I left off..with my favorite Superbowl commercial. There were lots of funny commercials and some were sad (too sad for Superbowl Sunday, for example the Nationwide commercial where the kid dies in a car accident, therefore never going to grow up to be anything!) do these companies just get together and say “This year we want to make people sad” lol. There was one commercial that caught my eye. I am a big believer of self confidence as a woman, we have to learn to love ourselves before we can correctly love others. here is the commercial

This commercial is very interesting…..Most girls lose confidence once they hit puberty…We need to change this! take the negative meaning out of the phrase “acting like a girl”

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