The year of change

Buenos Dias!! Happy Tuesday to everybody…

If my life were a book..this chapter would be called change. I have grown to learn about myself and love myself so much, although I believe that my road to discovering myself is never-ending because as humans we evolve and learn everyday..I am definitely enjoying the ride 😉.

This year started with a move.. No not to a house (I wish…but patience my darling…my future house is out there!) we moved to a two bedroom apartment…which my daughter and dog are loving…my daughter has her own bedroom and her own space…and my dog loves all the space to run and play..although he isn’t a big fan of the hardwood floors..he’s a carpet type of guy ❤️. I started decorating and it’s slowly turning into our home..the only thing I didn’t like was that my bedroom has the smallest bathroom ever haha but I am making the best of it…what’s a girl to do but decorate.


I told you it was small but I love it!!

I am also currently in the market for a new bedroom and new couches. What do you guys think of our choices..

This is the IKEA bed we are looking at…it’s so modern..the only con is IKEA makes the stiffest mattresses ever! But we’ll figure something out…


As for the couches we have our eye on these babies…I am currently in love with gray! I mean you could change the pillows to any color and they would look great…now if I could only convince my husband to let me use more pinks lol…wish me luck!!


And now to the biggest I change my hair color like I change my clothes lol..but I tend to always go back to this color..


I am now a redhead!!!…again. Red always makes me feel good about myself..I feel edgy..fresh…classy 😍😍..and I tend to believe that redheads have more fun!

Who knew change could be so much fun!

Well, hope you guys are having an awesome Tuesday! Tata for now…✌️

 photo signature 2.png


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