A few of my favorite things….

Good Morning Fellow Blogees!!!

 I am currently stuck at home due to an “ice storm” that struck Texas ( probably about an inch of sleet here in the DFW) this morning, if you know Texas, then you know if we get a little bit of ice everything closes. I had an Idea that we might not make it to the office today so I brought some work home…but I rather blog (shhh don’t tell my boss). 

 Because I’m stuck at home,I figured I’ll share a couple of my favorite Hair/ Makeup products with you guys. 

 First I’ll share my favorite ❤️ HAIR PRODUCTS❤️ 

 This miracle product is called ITS A TEN

This product is heaven to my hair 🙌.I usually use it when I get out of the shower. I spray it on my hair, ( I have mufasa hair), then I brush my hair just to make sure all my hair is covered! After,I blow dry and either curl or straighten my hair.This product helps lessen the frizz and it also protects my hair against heat damage( there is also another eight awesome reasons to use this prodduct) . The cost of this product will be about $14.00-$18.00 , but its worth it’s weight in gold 🙂 ( but keep in mind if you do plan on getting ITS A TEN, if you overspray to much of it on your hair it leaves it very heavy and leaves this sticky feeling which makes hair harder to style.)

 Another hair product I love is my CHI SHINE INFUSION

You know when your hair looks dull, this product makes your hair shine. I spray it after Im done styling my hair…and it smells so good ( come one who really loves stinky products lol)…I get this product from my awesome hair dresser and its about $18.00…again worth its weight in gold. 

 Now to my favorite facial and makeup products.

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!


I am loving my Youth Code moisturizer right now…its pretty light and does not feel so thick or oily on my face.I apply daily whether it be in the morning, after a shower, or after I clean my face/ remove my makeup. Most moisturizers are pretty expensive…and sometimes I am on a budget…so i got this one for about $20.00.

my makeup bag (forever21.com for about $3.00)


The products that are in my makeup bag are what I call my DAILIES..

My Dailies are made up of the following…

💋My covergirl blush ( Soft Mink… I have been using this blush since I was 16yrs old)

💋Maybelline Mascara (The Colossal Volume Express)

💋Maybelline Dream Fresh BB skin Protector ( I always use this…protection against skin cancer is very important ladies, and if you dont feel like using foundation, the BB cream evens out your skin a little and it always gives me a natural look)

💋Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer ( ladies if you struggle with dark circles like I do THIS product is a must!!)

💋The little Container that says JUST STRINGS on it is powder for my Eyebrows…it fills them in perfectly ( I got this product from the salon where I get my Eyebrows threaded, it was around $10.00)

💋If im looking to really Fix myself up (ladies you know we have those days were we want to look really good and other days where lipgloss is all we need lol) I use my Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse ( it makes my skin look Flawless Dawling)

💋For my lips I am addicted to Maybelline Baby Lips ( I cant live without it, but I also have a collection of MAC lipsticks but those are for the days I really have somewhere to go..or sometimes for work.)

Here are some close ups of some of my dailies (these products look used  lol because I actually use them.)





And here is a picture of me, I used the hair products I shared with you on my hair, as for my makeup all I have on is my BB cream, My Maybelline Blush, and my EOS egg lipgloss ( I ran out of my clear baby lips..second favorite is My egg)


Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my favorite products, let me know if you guys recommend any new products or if you have any questions about my current products!!

Love you guys..
 photo signature 2.png

P.S. Check out my awesome doctor who shirt 😜


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