How I fell in love with THE DOCTOR 💙

         PINTEREST…one of the best creations…I love to pin…everyday. So as I am browsing  pinterest one day,the Geek category to be more precise, I  start noticing these weeping angel pictures that have “dont blink” written all over them.These weeping angels captured my attention.So I searched Weeping angels in PINTEREST and  I saw more and more memes…then I saw Daleks, the doctors arch nemesis…yet the least dangerous looking, and The Tardis, yeah it’s bigger on the inside,along with a pictures of a couple different characters…one with a leather jacket, another with a long brown raincoat and converse-, and I also saw bowties..I was amazed.

          And as If it were destiny… I was browsing through NETFLIX and  found THE show called DOCTOR WHO season 1-7. how lucky was I, I found my current pinterest obsession without even trying. So what did I do. I mean what does anyone watching netflix do..binge of course. 


          So I start season one, there I find myself watching a man  alien Time lord running around in a leather jacket with a blonde girl name Rose, fighting plastic, fighting  the oldest human being or a large stretched out piece of skin with lipstick, Aliens that fart because they are in a human suit,   a little boy with a gas mask thar runs around asking “are you my Mummy?” creepy..yeah..I know…traveling through time and space in a blue phone box  TARDIS among many other awesome weird things. So as season one is over I sit there and process what I just witnessed, and let me tell you, my mind was blown!this show was AMAZING…I fell in love with Rose and THE DOCTOR. Yeah the special effects on season one were a little…eh, but not only did I like all the cheesy storylines but I loved the relationship Rose had with THE DOCTOR…fulll of adventure and love.The only thing that took me for surprise was that at the end the doctor regenerates.. I didnt understand this…I love this guy and you are going to change him after one season!!! what is wrong with you guys. Little did I know that this show had been on for years and this was not the first doctor..he was my first doctor… nor was he going to be the last. Once I realized they were changing MY doctor…I stopped watching…how was it possible for me to love another doctor. My friend who I now call my fellow whovian ( the first person I actually knew, and had no idea he was obsessed with the doctor.)told me every day..start the new doctor you will love him, he is awesome. So I obliged, I wanted to see this new doctor fail….so I could tell myself I knew it, shows always suck when they change the characters.



         Boy was I wrong…yeah I watched season 2, and what happened you ask..well, David Tennant is now my favorite actor. His passion and great acting in this  show transpired through my screen. I could feel all his anguish, pain, happiness, love….this man is amazing. (by the way are you guys watching BROADCHURCH? AMAZING…but we will leave that for another blog.) yeah, the impossible happened I fell in love with Ten and all his lovely companions. My favorite companion has to be Rose and Donna. The Doctor loved Rose, afterall she brought him out of his TIME WAR era and Donna brought him out of his ROSE ERA. At the end (SPOILERS) Rose is left with her version of the doctor which Is loved, what can I say I am a sucker for romance, and Donna, unfortunately has the worst ending ever, but atleast she finds happiness and gets married..even though she does not remember her time with THE DOCTOR (by the way Donna’s Grandpa was also awesome and brought so much to the episodes he appeared on). So as we move on from David Tennant he also regenerates…I am left heartbroken and not wanting to move on lol. SO as expected I stopped watching for a while ( I have realized I need time to mourn process the loss of each doctor) Again my friend request that I move on and watch 11.


        And..yes you guys guessed it, I also fell In love with MATT SMITH, his character was like my best friend…but this time not only did I fall In love with new Doctor, but I also fell in love with Amy, Rory, and River…their story with the doctor was amazing, very well thought of, and very well written…and in my opinion the best and SADDEST episodes ever.yeah my heart got broken at the end of the AMY AND RORY ERA, and I still dont understand how he cant go back and find them ( only whovians will understand these feelings)..but I guess I have realized to deal with it…sort of….now moving on to THE IMPOSSIBLE GIRL…she is beautiful, I lover her purpose on the show…but not my favorite…sorry..but that doesnt mean I dont like her. She is very interesting to me actually…but I still havent gotten “used” her. Now by the end of Season 7 you would think that I was used to saying goodbye…but im not..yes I am still in the mourning period..even though season 8 started a couple months ago…( thank god I have BBC America.) I am not ready for Peter Capaldi…but I will get there.
          Basically finding the weeping angels on PINTEREST was one of the best things to ever happen to me besides the birth of my child and meeting my husband. My love for THE DOCTOR has brought me to own many DOCTOR WHO shirts, ringtones and I watch DOCTOR WHO episodes over and over again (actually as I am writting this I am watching “Planet of the Dead”) Yes I am a certified WHOVIAN.

           If there are any fellow whovians out there I would love to hear from you guys, let me know how you fell in love!! ALONSY
Until next time DARLINGS (hehe)

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