Feliz Sabado

Saturday is here…and oh boy am I excited ❤

I am sitting here in the dark with no electricity thank God I charged my laptop as ANOTHER storm is passing by. Yes as of right now our rivers and streets are flooding, and I am currently in search of a boat  because they way things are going thats going to be our new means of transportation. Speaking of rain and flooding let me tell you about my adventourous Friday.

Storms and flooding, the talk of he town here in Texas. So I wake up at 3 a.m. due to the extreme lightning and thunder that wouldn’t let me sleep. I turned on the news and I was intrigued by the amount of people who believed their car is a boat and therefore can travel through three or four feet of water; much to their surprise their car wasn’t a boat and they got stuck in the middle of the road and had to call the police to go and help them.Yes,this included a police office who had to be saved by the national guard via helicopter! I guess these people have not heard the overused saying TURN AROUND. DONT DROWN.

Anyways, as the storms calmed down..I doze off..and woke up at 7:15 a.m. super duper late. I usually wake up by 6:30 so me and my daughter have enough time to get ready, eat breakfast, and get to school/work on time. So there we were, me and my daughter, rushing to get ready, our hair was a mess lol we were a mess. then, i get a call from my worried mom who knows my daily drive to work includes driving  over the now flooded  Trinity River. I told her I would be fine and not to worry.As expected I dropped off my little first grader future second grader  late to her last day of school great mom moment 

So I drove over the Trinity River and everything was fine, I did have to drive through ..but what used to look like a creek now definitely looked like a river. Since it was my daughters last day of school they had early release, which meant I had to take an early lunch and go pick her up. The way back over to her school was no fun! my usual route was closed, I guess the Trinity River got to dangerous to drive over, so I had to take the dreaded long route to her school. So I picked her up and we grabbed lunch. On our way back to the office is when things got interesting.

I consider myself to be stubborn  sometimes extremely stubborn,  so i tried my usual route again..and yeah it was blocked..so I tried the next road…blocked..next road… blocked…There was one road left but that one was the scariest even when there is no floods…you see you drive over the Trinity River but there are no rails to block the car from running into the river…so I was no different than the people on the news..because there I was driving to the scary road with my daughter!! So all of a sudden we reach a lake in the middle of the street…Yeah no way I could of driven through that, so I drove back to where I started….After thirty minutes of searching for a shortcut..I took the dreaded long road! and got to work an hour late. Lesson learned.

As I drove to work I was thinking about life. how we always try to take the shortcuts in life and get things done easily.. but life sometimes doesn’t work that way and we have to take the dreaded long road to accomplish things ..some of us, me included, are very hard headed and it takes us a couple of tries to realize this. So thanks Texas storms for reminding me of this.

So today’s (Saturday) plans were to go to Dallas Fan Expo where many Doctor Who actors are going to be..and My nephews 1 year birthday party…but looks like my dream of meeting Rose and Amy Pond were just ruined because an electricity pole was knocked down and therefore all the roads are closed until further notice…so Texas Storms I take my Thank you back!

       Signing of

      Liz xoxo